Digital Exhibit

The core of this digital exhibit is an interactive map of stories that might have been — a map of a shadow Parkway. Please note that the map may not load properly in Internet Explorer; users are encouraged to view the map in either the Firefox or Chrome Browser.

Each of the ninety markers on the map reveals a segment of a larger story about one of six unbuilt projects. The markers appear in different colors based on the active map legend (a filter for visualizing the markers). There are seven unique legends to explore.

Visit our “help” page for for more detailed help information about navigating and using the site.

A Note about the Markers

As much as possible, we tried to “place” each marker in a relevant location — the spot where something happened, or might have been built. In some cases, we varied the location so that no two markers appear in the same location.

Many of the markers are clustered tightly together. When zoomed out, it may be difficult to see each unique marker. Zooming in will help differentiate the markers from one another.

Explore the Digital Exhibit

There are two main ways to explore this exhibit, through an interactive map, or through extended narratives about each of the Unbuilt Parkways. Learn more about how to navigate the site.

Explore the Six Unbuilt Projects   |   Launch the Interactive Map